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Order-To-Cash & Working Capital Assistant

Use this assistant to give yourself a rough idea about how much working capital you need to run your business on order-to-cash.

Working capital you need to run on order-to-cash

Next Steps...

Got a rough idea how much working capital you need for your business? Check out our Keeping a Solid Working Capital Balance bootcamp to get your business in financial shape!

Approximate Required Working Capital

Here's how we came up with this number...

First we took your monthly sales


Calculated the amount net of your profit margin

× (1 - 0%) = $0

(We assume this amount is your monthly obligations to your suppliers)

Then calculated the average daily obligations you have by dividing it up by "365/12"

$0 / (365 ÷ 12) = $0

The last thing we did was figure out how many days of obligations you have after you pay your suppliers and before you get paid by your customers

0 - 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 =

Finally, we multiplied your daily obligations with the total number of days.

0 x 0 = $0
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