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Starter Kit for Small Businesses

From a demand letter, dunning letter or past due letter to collection call scripts, get every free template you need below.

Unsure how to use these? Check out our Extending Payment Terms and Managing Late Paying Customers bootcamps to see when & how to use these documents!

Sample Demand Letters

It is best to start with a reminder letter when pursuing your late paying customer because it is not intrusive. It is a good way to remind customers of what they might have missed and keep them informed without leaving any bad taste. Check out the sample dunning letters we have found to be the most effective.

Action Plan for Common Late Payer Responses

It can be really frustrating to see your customers come up with all sorts of excuses not to pay you back on time. Download our Action Plan for Common Late Payer Responses which gives you appropriate answers to use in a demand letter or collection call to combat common late paying excuses.

Collection Agency Due Diligence List

Did your dunning letter not work? Maybe it's time to go to collections. Choosing the right collections agency can be very difficult. There are thousands of agencies out there, and many of them are non-licensed, too aggressive and not professional. Use our sample due diligence list to guide you when selecting a collection agency.

Credit Log Book

Print and use our Credit Log Book in all your customer interactions. Make a habit of taking notes of your calls and conversations with customers. Use it as a reference in the future. Being able to quote exactly what a customer said is a huge advantage and will give you the upper hand in any future issues.

Sample Friendly Reminder Call Scripts

Calling customers that owe you money (even after sending them a past due letter) can be challenging, as you have to navigate personal relationships. Print out our Sample Scripts for Friendly Payment Reminder Calls to get you started. Learn how to speak with them with the respect and kindness they deserve on sensitive issues.

Sample Scripts for New Customers

When you get a new customer, let’s face it, they’re strangers. As much as they can say certain things will happen, the best way to know for sure is to spend a little time with them. Print our Sample Script for New Customers sheet to see some basic examples on how to deal with new customers.

Sample Credit Process List

Being systematic is key. By developing a credit process that has identifiable steps from beginning to end, you are not only making the entire process much easier for yourself, but also for your customers. Print our Sample Credit Process List to come up with your own credit process. The simplest way to get organized is from the very beginning.

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