What our clients say about us

Seamless customer experience

“FundingGates has set the bar high when it comes to providing a seamless customer experience. They are extremely responsive, their AR platform and solution works great, and they also provide on-going training with new insights and ideas to improve AR processes. We recommend it to any business who's dealing with AR.

I worked very hard to get FundingGates on board for my company. Our systems and processes weren't bringing in the results we wanted so we went with FundingGates and the change was immediate.”
- Wendy Williamson, SmithCPAs

The best I've ever had my receivables.

“One year later I want to thank Funding Gates - this is the best I have ever had my receivables. Amount due and number of clients is at an all-time low in this company's history.”
- Bruce McFarland, Owner and QB Pro Advisor, L&R Tax Preparation

AR platform which helps you get paid first.

“After using FG Receivables Manager for only a month, we were able to reduce outstanding receivables by more than 80%.“
- Jexter Isip, Owner, RXSS Manufacturing

Great team & support.

“Since implementing FG Receivables Manager, I have reduced our AR significantly. The FG team has been great to work with. They are very responsive and are always eager to help.”
- Christopher White, Finance Manager, Advanced Network Solutions

Effective and efficient.

“Their preset form letters have proven to be effective in AR and office efficiency has increased... I highly recommend this AR platform for an effective method of managing AR.”
- Jerry Collis, Advanced Fire & Safety, Inc.

Great, easy to use AR platform.

“FundingGates is our daily AR platform. It's wonderfully simple in its presentation and very easy to grasp, even those on my team who are computer illiterate have been able to use it effectively. Working through FG has increased our time available to collect and has done wonders for our cash flow. It works out of the box with minimal setup and does everything you'd expect and more.”
- Matthew A., CFO, Norman Distribution

Delightful operational experience.

"Thank you for all of your work. Funding Gates has enabled our agency to reverse our formerly overdue invoices in the oldest aging bucket to the youngest, and this is a clear success story. As shared before, feel free to use me as a reference should you require any future recommendations as this has been a delightful operational experience."
- Steven Chung, MSW, CPACC
Operations and Enablement Manager, SeamlessDocs

6x increase in cash AR in just 3 months.

"We review our reports with FundingGates weekly and it's proof that FundingGates' AR platform has helped us increase our cash AR by over 6x in just 3 months time."
- Charlie Moulton, Capata CPA

Drastically improved our AR aging.

"FundingGates has helped us drastically improved our AR aging since we started using the platform. They have systems and processes in place that we have adopted to make us more efficient with our AR. On top of that, the management has always been available and very helpful with all of our questions."
- Jared Thomson, President DH Glabe

Best in Class AR Platform + Team.

"Love this platform and team. We had done a ton of research for next generation AR management platforms and this one seriously stood out for the tech - but most importantly, the awesome attention we've gotten during the onboarding process. Ongoing use works like a charm (super sleek interface that allows all our team members to use it) and any minor support questions we've had were answered really fast - sometimes by senior staff. They really went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of.

This solution resolved most of our long term nagging issues - and I couldn't recommend it more highly."
- Audicus

Great product and service.

"Set-up was easy, team was involved and trained us to get up and running quickly. They're also available by phone and email if my team needs anything. Happy with the results, recommend this product."
- Klaus K.

Superb customer support.

"I synced my ERP system with FundingGates, after having attended one of their webinars. It is super easy to drill down into my entire accounts receivable activities, seeing what each of my team members do, above all, the efficacy of our efforts on getting customers to pay. Using the "FG" AR platform for more than three years I confirm that the AR platform is really easy to use . Customers respond much quicker to our outreach. The Funding Gates team is always available whenever I or my team need advice. Their customer support is excellent. I definitely recommend this product to other AR/credit teams!"
- Marcena P.

Helps us collect more, faster.

"Funding Gates moves beyond a simple reporting AR platform and acts as an automated, intelligent receivables department. The AR platform shows us where we need to focus in order to collect more money from our customers and helps us with templates and workflows to present a friendlier and more professional face to our customer. If you have customers, you need Funding Gates. It's great!"
- Daniel Chait, CEO, Greenhouse

Significant efficiency improvements.

"FG Receivables Manager has helped us become super efficient at managing our receivables. Tasks that used to take us weeks only take us a few minutes. It's really easy to use, and customer service & support is fantastic. I highly recommend."
- Alison G.

Smooth onboarding + great product.

"Really valuable AR platform. I trust the team over there, and I've already recommended their service to several friends. Onboarding was easy, and their team was attentive throughout multiple calls to make sure my integration ran smoothly. The reps I spoke with on every call were extremely knowledgeable on receivables management, and they even answered some questions we had outside of their AR platform."
- Dan B.

Reached a new record.

"I've used Funding Gates for about 5 years now; we have always renewed our subscription with them because every year we've doubled our cash flows thanks to this product. The AR platform syncs seamlessly with our Accounting system, and I can set up workflows on it for myself and my whole team. I can track my and my team's tasks and performance. They also provide guidance and training to our team. Definitely recommend this product. A must have for every AR/Credit team."
- Peter F.

A *must-must-must* have for every AR/Credit team.

"Funding Gates has brought my AR/credit department to a new level. Before, we were using our Accounting / ERP System and a combination of spreadsheets and shared folders to track all metrics and performance of our team. We were also using MS Outlook to handle follow ups but there's no way for us to track and prioritize customers in a data-driven way. At some point it just became too overwhelming and things started to fall through the cracks. Funding Gates made workflows easy and simple, we're now super efficient, and are able to get through our entire customer list. Ultimately it's about climbing up the priority list of customers and whichever team has the best workflow wins. Lastly, Funding Gates' reporting and analytics is always updated automatically so we always have the information readily at hand. Lastly, their customer support is impeccable. I would not hesitate twice about this product, a must-have."
- Jason F.

Best AR platform Available.

"We used to spend hours each week trying to handle our accounts receivable processes. With FG, not only have we had a dramatic increase in on-time payments, but we're saving tons of time. We can easily send out reminders in under 15 minutes, which is pretty much amazing.

The AR platform is incredibly easy to use. It's intuitive and has a great looking user interface. The few times I've had minor issues, the FG support team has solved the issue quickly. That's important.

We'd definitely recommend this AR platform to anyone--Funding Gates has transformed our accounts receivable process."
- IntegrityKC

Great AR platform.

"FG Receivables Manager has been great and is easy to use. The AR platform has saved me hours by allowing me to quickly and effectively send out emails and place calls with a few clicks. Using FG we're better able to manage our AR and keep Accounts from falling delinquent."

PPLUS Gives this an A+!!!!

"Our receivables have never been cleaner and leaner prior to using FG! This amazing addition to our daily/weekly routines has helped our customers pay within their terms and reduce our aging reports!"
- Kim B., PPlus

Simple and Easy.

"This is the best AR platform you can get for AR management, the AR platform allows multiple functions and easy tracking to give you ease on your company's AR needs. I went from spending hours on AR to just a single hour a day."
- C. Skokie

Great AR platform for Getting AR Organized.

"Before we got this AR platform, I could only work on one AR issue at a time, because it was so difficult to remember the particulars of each case. FundingGate gives us a great way to make progress on many cases at a time, and quickly pick up on the details of recent communication."
- Lbird Inc.


"Funding Gates has been a great addition to The Parris Company, Inc. We are able to quickly capture and reach out to our clients who are slow to pay. It is done in a friendly manner that ensures that we understand and are willing to work with then to get their past due bill paid. FG offers excellent AR platforms to allow small business owners to efficiently keep their cash flowing. Thank You FG!!!"
- Mischa, The Parris Company

Could NOT be Easier!! And it WORKS!

"I work Accounts Receivable and have 17 team members. About a year ago I started using Funding Gates. I absolutely believe in this product and their people. FG has prove to be an invaluable AR platform and has helped me remarkably with time management and organization. Their customer support is quick to respond and very professional. You can tell that they value their customer’s feedback and are always looking for ways to improve their product. The BEST benefit of FG for me personally, is that it has drastically cut down time spent on tracking account activity. Before FG, I would spend a full 2 days doing AR. With FG, I knock out AR in about a quarter of that time. I could go on and on about why I think FG is a superior product but I suggest you try it yourself, you will not regret it."
- Stacy J.

Funding Gates keeps me focused on the lifeblood of my business.

"I love using Funding Gates. Funding Gates helps me stay focused on my Receivables. I especially love the visual interface that makes it easy to understand. It's awesome!"
- S. Evans

Must Have For Anyone with Open Invoices.

"Funding Gates is a great way to keep AR top of mind without really having to do any extra work. With Funding Gates you can see in a blink who owes you money and with a couple clicks of your mouse you can start engaging with the customer. They also send an email weekly with a nice dashboard layout and comparisons from the previous week. Their AR platform and processes we've implemented thanks to it, have resulted in clients paying quickly. Every business can benefit from this Amazing AR platform."
- BrightBooks

Must Have AR platform!

"This AR platform is a must have for any credit & AR team. Since we installed the AR platform we have been able to collect all past due invoice much faster than we did in the past. It allows us to stay organized and receive payment faster."

It's streamlined our AR process.

"FundingGates has truly reduced the time we spend working on our Accounts Receivables and lowered the balance of our outstanding invoices.

The true gem of FG is the way it helps prioritize who needs a little nudge based on their current balance, past payment behavior, and current aging. I don't even have to think about who I need to call. I call or email the client FG puts in front of me, records the results in a few simple clicks, and move on to the next client.

What used to take me hours is now done in less than one! I highly recommend Funding Gates to anyone who needs a helping hand getting or keeping AR under control."
- PickAxe

I Am Not Alone!

"Funding Gates puts the T back in Team with concerted effort availability to bring the bacon back home where it belongs. Everyone on our network can be tasked with a collection effort for the specific project for which they are involved. Funding Gates keeps our Notes straight and up-to-date. Very Innovative format and technology and I can trust FG to stay on top of suggestions and current comments as they are always ready to Chat or Email."
- Hydrosprout, Inc.

Saves a lot of time!

"We have found that our clients are stretching us out for longer periods of time before paying and collection efforts were becoming quite time consuming. This AR platform saves us a lot of time. Their customer service is very responsive, and their team are consistently releasing more features and updates."

Very easy to use.

"I am very pleased with Funding Gates and its simplicity. It syncs well with our Accounting system and organizes the receivables in a way that is easy to follow. There is virtually no learning curve and if questions do arise, the support staff is quick to help. We've had great response from our customers and have collected on many outstanding accounts."
- Juliette P.

Surprisingly It Meets All Our AR Collection Needs.

"We were shocked to discover that FundingGates' AR platform actually exceeded our expectations. Every aspect of this trial experience was superb. The set-up process was quick, easy, and painless. It syncs expertly with our ERP system. The ease of use is virtually self explanatory. Their customer service was exceptional as they kept in constant communication with us to see if we needed assistance. The program was completely transparent. They were upfront about their costs. We are happy we chose them over other AR platforms out there."
- Tracey E.

Highly recommended.

"I was initially pleased with how easy it was to get set up and use. There was virtually no learning curve.

I've been using it for a month now and this is most money I've had in the bank in the two years I've been in business. Customers respond very quickly and it saves me time chasing them down. I highly recommend this product."
- Jason P.

Funding Gates Rocks!

"I found FG Receivables Manager online after reviewing possible online AR platforms that would help my client improve their accounts receivables in one central place and collect payment more timely. As we all know that is very key for your business and it's lifeline. I was impressed with the ease of use of this AR platform, there were no complications, 30 day free trial, and more importantly the first week in using FG Receivables Manager my client received immediate response and payments! Hands down I am sold on Funding Gates!"
- QFinancial

Super Efficient and Amazing Customer Service!

"I love this AR platform!

Very easy to contact clients by email and by phone. This AR platform is very organized and each client page has a huge wealth of information on past attempts to contact the client. There is also a weekly report sent out which lists statistics and utilization of the AR platform during the prior week.

The customer service is excellent, and the FG staff is very prompt, friendly, and detailed with their responses. You can chat directly with staff members right in the program! Very rarely do you encounter such informative and passionate customer service representatives.

Furthermore, for a big company, the price of this product is a total steal for the value and time savings gained."
- Tim Skal

Cost effective and efficient.

"Our previous system consisted of using an excel spreadsheet to track the accounts receivables. Entering data and mailing out notices to customers who were past due on payments took four (4) to six (6) hours. Funding Gates has reduced that time to less than two (2) hours. Their AR platform has proven to be effective in AR and office efficiency has increased. Response time of the FG staff has been excellent, friendly and always effective. I highly recommend this AR platform for an effective method of managing AR." "
- J. Ercol

Usability and Support.

"Prior to learning about Funding Gates, the Accounts Receivable Lead was managing all AR activities on excel. Weekly, that would consist of download the current AR aging from QBs into excel, transpose comments from the previous week report and updating current AR status for all outstanding invoices. This report would be emailed to the CFO.

With Funding Gates, our Company and easily track AR history. There is no more downloading reports. No more copying and pasting. The CFO can log in anytime to see a status and comments of any given customer. Simply search and click on the customer at work, review the invoice and add comments as needed. Customer account disappears when payment is collected. Funding Gates is an easy and inexpensive AR platform that makes AR efforts more efficient. We would highly recommend it.

As a side note to Support, they have the best support team ever. Emails and phone calls are return promptly."
- Quoc T.

A Receivables Game-Changer.

"This AR platform came along exactly when we needed it! As a small company, we all wear a lot of hats and receivables was being neglected out of sheer lack of time and a less cumbersome approach. After about 6 months of usage, we love the program. The time taken for tech support and improvement suggestions was unlike any customer service I've encountered in a long time, and has enabled our company to focus on OUR customer service, instead of our aging AR! Bravo!"
- Kellina K.

*HUGE* Time Saver, Super Easy to Understand.

"This AR platform has easily saved my Accounts Receivable 75% of the time she was spending collecting on accounts. Customer service is top notch, syncing with our ERP system was easy and we haven't looked back. It has lifted so much "data weight" off of our shoulders! We LOVE it!!"
- H. Griffing

FINALLY, Help where I need it.

"True for any business, getting your Accounts Receivable under control is a chore, no matter how you look at it.

Three years ago I had to come up with new office procedures to make sure that I didn’t have such a large amount of receivables that I was not able to collect. It appeared I had the solution with my office procedures; however that was very costly in labor. With my receivables down to about $10,000, I was fairly comfortable with what I had done but I still wanted help.
So the search was on again, and I found Funding Gates. One year later I want to thank Funding Gates - this is the best I have ever had my receivables.
Amount due and number of clients is at an all-time low in this companies history.
I love this AR platform! The Funding Gates AR platform is the best Accounts Receivable Manager there is and a must have for any business. This is one AR platform that you seriously need to get and utilize."
- Bruce M.

Great System.

"FG is a great system to keep track of your AR system which saves hours upon hours of time. I also love the customer service and feedback. Their team is amazing when it comes to any feed back, help, and guidance. Love it!"
- Vince S.

Very easy to use and a huge time saver!

"Funding Gates is a truly amazing product. Prior to implementing FG, managing our receivables was an extremely time intensive task and because of that it was quite often pushed to the side to make room for more pressing matters. FG allows me to easily track who I have communicated with, how recently I communicated with them and what I communicated with them about. It effortlessly syncs with my accounting system and since implementing FG, I have reduced our AR significantly. The FG team has been great to work with. They are very responsive and are always eager to help. Thank you FG for providing us with an affordable and highly functional receivable management process!"
- Chris W.

Great AR platform for AR!

"Very user friendly and has been an excellent AR platform for our collection process. We have seen and decrease in our 60-120 past dues that I attribute to the program. Customer service is also excellent and the one small glitch we had was quickly identified and fixed. Their team is very pleasant to talk to and had a great attitude which seems to be rare with most companies when you call in with a technical problem. I would highly recommend the program to everyone! Keep up the good work!"
- Paula, CustomForest

Excellent AR platform and even better customer support!

"The FundingGates team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They provided quick responses to any issues that we encountered during the setup phase. After we got the file synced it has helped our AR department tremendously. This is a very useful AR platform to manage your receivables and I would recommend it to anyone that struggles using their ERP system to manage AR effectively."
- AmblerSurgical

My overdue invoices have gone way down!

"Many positives to this AR platform. I was behind in tackling my overdue invoices and this makes it much easier, faster and it works. I get great responses from my customers. No overdues in the up to 90, up to 120 or over 120 days categories now! I forward the weekly reports to my supervisor and I look like a super star. The FundingGates team has been quick and helpful for any questions I have. A great AR platform!"
- Lana Ann

Easy to Use and Saves Time

"We have been using Funding Gate for a few months and it has already paid off. It has helped streamline our accounts receivables and I love how easy it is. It also offers a convenient place for managers and AR to view what the status of each account is and what correspondences have been made with a client. After using for a few weeks we were able to collect money from accounts that we had been having trouble with! I highly recommend using Funding Gate along side your Accounting/ERP system for accounts receivables."
- Vivi C.

Great service. Great AR platform.

"From the start I was impressed with the prompt, personal, and professional support that I received. That is enough to give the AR platform a 5 star rating. In addition to that, the AR platform has been a great help in pursuing AR of due and overdue invoices. The mere enlistment of a third party vendor is sometimes enough to tilt the scales in our favor. Definitely recommended."
- TexasSurveyor

Reduced Outstanding Receivables By 30.8%!

"We've been a Funding Gates customer for only a few weeks, and it's already paying for itself many times over... we reduced our overall week over week receivables by more than 30%! We're saving time and we're getting paid faster. It's a win - win for us!"
- Matt R.

Time Saver.

"It is a time saver and very user friendly. When we first started with the trial I was skeptical as to whether or not it would help us get customers paying but it was very effective! We have reduced our receivables since first starting and I would recommend it to anyone needing help with their receivables."
- Amy S.

Finally A Solution to AR Management!

"We have searched high and low for AR platforms over the last several years. I asked my accountant if he knew of anyone...he recommended FundingGates and I have been more than pleased. When I turn over a collection file I start seeing action within a couple of days. Everyone has been incredibly nice and professional. Highly recommend for any small business!"
- BNKFetzer

My ally in constant AR battle.

"Before Funding Gates, we were tracking our calls and follow up emails/letter via Excel spreadsheet. Adding and removing open invoices was a pain and it would several hours of my day. After moving to Funding Gates, our team uses the dashboard to follow up with customers, email their outstanding amounts, compose collection letters. It has improved our collection cycle and made communication between team members a breeze.

My involvement now in AR process is checking the weekly summary that tells me number of touches, amounts collected, amounts past due and which customers to watch."
- Jamie N.

Time saver!

"The FundingGates team was so helpful from the very beginning. This product is saving me hours a week on AR and taking what use to be a tedious process and making it now a quick and easy task. I like that I still have control over what goes out to my customers which was the most important thing for me. If you are even just evaluating if this product is right for you, give them a call. They're very nice people and honest in helping you decide if it's a fit. I wish more companies were like this."
- JP Pool

Easy to Use.

"My office manager mainly uses FG. She was able to learn it in minutes, as was I, b/c this AR platform is one of the easiest things I've ever used. I'm impressed with how much easier it is is to keep up with our outstanding invoices and I like that I can "check in" on progress my office manager is making. I must also note that the customer service is among the best I've ever experienced. Such a nice change."
- Jennifer F.

Great way to manage a large amount of receivables.

"This is a great product if you are managing a lot of receivables. It will organize the open invoices in several different ways so you can easily manage them. The product also helps you keep a record of all your communication with your customers. If you have a problem collecting from your clients, you should definitely give this AR platform a try."
- Cathy Iconis, CPA, Iconis Group LLC

Want to get paid? Get FundingGates.

"We have been using FundingGates' credit & AR platform for two weeks and this is one of the best services I've ever gotten. It's very easy to use and has significantly helped us with AR. We give it an A+ rating."
- Washington

People that Care!

"Even during our free trial, the customer service was excellent! Whenever I have a question, it is so easy to contact someone, and they actually respond quickly and with care. It is so refreshing to find a Product that has such great customer service to back it up! I absolutely love this AR platform, it is tremendously helpful for our business! On top of excellent service, it is incredibly user friendly, and a genuine product. Well worth it!!!!!"
- Sharkie23

Every business with outstanding invoices should use this AR platform.

"Invoicing my clients has never been a problem. The issue was getting paid. Before using FG Receivables Manager, I've been using spreadsheets and notepads to keep track of things. Now everything is organized for me. The AR platform also prioritizes my accounts for me and gives me recommended actions that I can take to get paid. My decision making process has been reduced to literally just a few minutes, and it has freed up tons of time for other things I need to do."
- Barbara L.

Significantly improved our AR process.

"We weren't really good at handling AR before using FG Receivables Manager. After using the AR platform, we're managing receivables like a Fortune 500 company. We feel extremely empowered and the AR platform has given us a tremendous level of satisfaction and peace of mind. We can now sleep at night, knowing that we're going to get paid after invoicing our clients."
- Ben R.


"Funding Gates makes the process of managing my receivables extremely simple and straightforward. I'd recommend this to anyone who runs a business of any size and function."

Big time and money saver.

"I used to spend hours trying to understand what’s going on with my customer accounts. The AR platform automatically organized everything for me."
- Cece Inc.

Big time and money saver.

"I used to spend hours trying to understand what’s going on with my customer accounts. The AR platform automatically organized everything for me."
- Cece Inc.

Exactly what I need.

"This AR platform has been incredibly useful for my business. Smooth user interface and all the features I need on a single platform. Support desk is super helpful as well. Highly recommend it."
- B2BSpecialist

I can access the AR platform from anywhere.

"Whether I’m on the road traveling or on a different computer, I can simply log into my account and continue where I left off."
- Anton K.

A Cloud solution for small business needs.

"As business services transition to the cloud, this AR platform creates dashboard for summarizing and simplifying all of the accounts of a business.

The interface is very intuitive and rich with information, without being overwhelming. Highly recommend it to any business with AR."
- Nima V.

Very Simple and Intuitive.

"The AR platform itself is very intuitive. Thanks for paying attention to the usability. The experience is really well thought-out."
- 3Dlabs

Net 60 no more.

"We've been having increasing amount of issues with larger companies following a net 60 policy. Our policy is net 30, and this AR platform helps us keep track and manage our AR very effectively. Much needed AR platform for our team."
- Peter S., Equity Multiple

Easy to use.

"Funding Gates was easy to integrate with and what's nice is that you can then access Funding Gates from any web browser (I do so from my phone, for example). Finally an AR platform that allows us to keep track of those clients that are not paying in time. Very easy to use. Clean and pleasant UI! A must have!"
- Nic B.


"This is just the AR platform I have been waiting for! Thank you Funding Gates for giving me the AR platforms to manage my receivables. I am looking forward to reducing my DSO!"
- Rose B.

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