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Get involved and be proactive with your clients. Set and accomplish goals as a team. Use FG to get full transparency and visibility.

Many small business owners
have challenges managing AR

  • Small business owners have limited staff and receivables fall to the bottom of the list
  • AR Management not a competency - Not specialized in AR Management best practices
  • Many customer accounts to manage - Takes too much time to chase customers down
  • Lack of effective & proactive communication with customers - Customers take their time to pay because they know they can get away with it
  • Don't have a systematic AR process in place - Things fall through the cracks
  • Manage customer accounts manually - This creates errors, it's a time sink, and it's labor intensive

You are here to help

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Actively manage AR with and for your own clients.

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Analyze & measure your client's AR metrics.

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Set up the right AR Management processes for your clients.

See immediate results

Proper AR Management is critical

Proper receivables management is a skill and needs someone's full-time attention. If processes are not set-up correctly and if AR is not managed properly, it can seriously affect your clients' cash flows. Be proactive and provide your clients the help they need.

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Increase cashflow, reduce stress

Transform your client's lives, and allow them to focus on what they love: running their businesses. Become an active team member within your client's organization and provide guidance, support, and insight into all AR Management tasks. As a Funding Gates trained AR Specialist you will see immediate results to the bottom line.

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With AR Best Practices

Join the ranks of great practices who help clients with AR

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Help your clients manage their AR
for an affordable price

Cash flow impact

$300,000 Credit Sales
÷ 30 Days in a month =
$10,000 Credit sales per day
$10,000 Credit sales per day
15 Day Accelerated payment

Results in:

$150,000 Increase in cash flow

Efficiency impact

2-3xmore efficient managing AR

All for just

$99 / User / Month

Free for Accountants & FundingGates Partners

30-day free trial

Month-to-month subscription

Cancel anytime

Getting started is easy

Get certified in AR Management Best Practices

Single login to access & switch between all your clients in one place

Set your clients up with the right tools to manage AR with simple clicks

Provide a new value added service, and generate a new recurring revenue stream to your firm

Make an impact directly to the bottom line: for your client and for your firm

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to make it happen.

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Get your AR Specialist Certification today to join the ranks of top practices and elite AR experts in the world.

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Earn CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits for initial and ongoing certification. Our team of AR experts are approved by The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).