F|G Receivables Manager
Get paid faster. With less effort.
Make AR management the easiest part of running your business.

With FG, you’ll have a better, stronger, and more efficient AR process.

As a business owner or a CFO, get the visibility you need to make data-driven decisions. The FG solutions are designed to help you improve your AR within the first few weeks. They pay for themselves the minute you save an invoice that would have otherwise been uncollectable. Run your AR process tight, focus on growing your business. A total no-brainer.

Have the best-in-class, integrated
AR workflow in place
Set-up your team for success. Put an AR management process in place that’s gold standard and allows you to stay ahead of the curve.
Know exactly what to do,
when, and how
Your existing Accounting / ERP system provides a basic aging report and you’re still left to your own devices to figure out what to do. Get the types of actionable recommendations that would move the needle on your cash cycle and working capital levels.
Turbo-charge your team’s
With FG, get your AR management processes to reach new levels of efficiency. Have all the tools at your fingertips and manage hundreds or thousands of customers with simple clicks. Make your team and yourself happy.
Save a ton of time and focus on
the things you love
Make AR management your competitive advantage. Focus on acquiring new customers and closing more deals, instead of chasing past due accounts.
Get your customer to pay you first
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Proactively manage your AR with FG, and your customers will prioritize you before others. That’s our promise.
Have all your AR metrics at
your fingertips
Know where your AR performance stands and what you need to do to improve it. Get actionable plans to set up an airtight AR workflow for your company.
Get funded with minimal effort
Once you're on the FG platform, you'll be able to get approved for funding much more easily and at much more competitive rates. Why? Simply because you’re on the FG platform. First, our AR Specialists and Finance Advisors will work with you to beat your AR in shape and put the right processes in place. Second, our lending partners will know that you’re a business that’s got its AR under control, and give you higher credit limits at the best rates.
F|G helps you fill your cash flow gaps, saves
you time, money, and headaches.

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