F|G Receivables Manager
Collect Payments Faster
FG Receivables Manager ™ is designed to help you easily get the money you’re owed without damaging valuable customer relationships.

Use Powerful Payment Tools

Every part of the FG Receivables Manager ™ is focused on helping you spend less time on AR and get paid faster. Take actions to collect from customers, send difficult accounts to a vetted collections agency, and keep track of your recovery rates - all right from the platform.
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Send reminders with a single click

FG Receivables Manager ™ comes with a library of built-in reminder letter templates, carefully crafted with industry best practices in mind and proven to speed up payments and increase your rate of recovery. Get started with one of the templates or customize your own. Plus, all reminders are stored in customers' history, enabling you to quickly see what you’ve already sent, whether it was delivered, or already viewed.
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Record and share your
collection calls

Making and tracking collection calls has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can place a call directly to your customer right from your browser. Since every call is recorded and accessible to all team members, you’ll never lose track of accounts or inadvertently double up on calls.
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Easily accept payments from customers

Make it easy for your customers to pay you back, directly from your reminder emails. Get setup in just a few clicks. No merchant accounts, no applications, no gateways. Bank-level safety with amazing simplicity. All with super-low fees.
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Help customers pay you back

Help your customers pay you by offering them exclusive access to special funding deals. Via our lending partners, your customers can instantly get the capital they need to pay you back.
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Benefits of E-Payments

Offering your customers secure electronic payment options enables you to:

Get payments 2-3x faster from outstanding accounts without resorting to unfavorable lending options.
Significantly reduce your overall DSO Eliminate invoice processing costs and transaction fees.
Gain a better understanding of the customer payment cycle.
Tap into real-time data on invoice payment status.
Improve cashflow and working capital management.
Increase your overall efficiency.
Reduce the risk of fraud.
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