AR Software
The All-In-One Software for
Accounts Receivable Management
AR platform that optimizes your receivables with powerful, integrated features. Follow up better, get paid sooner, increase your cash flow.

Delightful, Modern AR Software

With DSOReducerTM, spend less time tracking down customers and more time finding new ones. Manage your AR with simple clicks, monitor your customer history, easily collaborate with your team, and get paid faster with less effort.

Dream Tools for AR Teams

Smooth collaboration between different jobs and teams is key in AR management. Bring your team together on a single platform, around a workflow that works for your business. Assign accounts to different roles, streamline follow-up campaigns, view and track performance at all levels of your team.

Collect Payments Faster

Accelerate your order-to-cash cycle by up to 5x using innovative tools built-in within DSOReducerTM. Turbo-charge your team’s efficiency and don’t let past due accounts keep your business from reaching new heights. You deserve to get paid.

Bank Level Security

Your data is protected with the same systems banks use. All communication is encrypted across the platform, and user activity is continuously tracked. In a nutshell, no one can touch your data without your approval.

Seamless Integration with Your Accounting / ERP System

Keep billing as you always do. DSOReducerTM integrates with your accounting / ERP package and keeps your AR data synced real-time, so you don’t have to worry about double-data entries or replacing existing systems.
Boost your cashflow:
Funding Gates & ROI
Learn how Funding Gates clients significantly reduce their DSO, unlock the cash flow trapped in receivables, and increase their efficiency.

Get Started With a Seamless Experience

New Funding Gates clients work with their dedicated Client Success Team who help them get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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