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Need someone to help with AR? Get a certified AR Specialist to follow-up on your invoices & manage your receivables online.

Accounts Receivable Staffing That’s Light Years Ahead

With Funding Gates’ AR Staffing, you get a professional AR Specialist to manage your receivables, and an elegant platform to review all interactions, share notes and track your AR performance. It’s everything you need to take the stress out of your AR, while keeping full control of your relationships.

Tell us your AR needs
Your dedicated relationship team at FG connects you to one of our certified AR Specialists.
Customize a follow-up plan
Your AR Specialist gets to know your business, your corporate policies and your client list, then starts managing your AR for you.
Automatically share your data
You keep invoicing your clients and receive payments as you always do. Our software keeps your data synced real-time, so your AR Specialist works off of your latest books, and you see all AR activity & performance in one place.
Cross AR Management off your list
You save yourself from the stress of your AR as your trained specialist handle your day-to-day receivables. With full transparency and control, you know how each interaction turns out and watch your delinquent accounts diminish.

Keep Full Visibility & Control

Track all the activities of your AR Specialist real-time. See all follow-up campaigns, phone call records, and customer interactions right on your dashboard. Assign accounts, leave notes and tell your specialist who you don’t want contacted. Get weekly action reports and know right away how much you’ve collected. Say bye to AR worries.

A part of your team
Your specialist becomes part of your company, works with your accountant and/or credit manager, and contacts your customers as a member of your team. You see everything they do in clean, neat reports, and track how much you got paid after each follow-up.
You’re still in the driver’s seat
Select which accounts you’d like to assign to your specialist. Change assignments whenever you like. Leave notes on sensitive accounts or who you don’t want contacted. Guide your specialist like your in-house staff.
Painless communication
Want real-time information on what your specialist is doing with your customers? Access the entire communication details right on your browser, see their performance metrics, activity trends and a whole lot more about how they have been doing with their follow-up campaigns.
Zero risk, full satisfaction
The FG team is here to help you with zero risk. If your specialist can’t make you super-happy, no worries, we’ll get you a new one.

FG Receivables Specialists

All of our receivables specialists are trained and certified by Funding Gates, so your accounts are always in expert hands. We set them up as part of your team, with your company’s branding.

Your specialist will review your credit application process, credit policy and contracts to ensure industry best-practices are being followed, as well as provide an analysis of your customer risk exposure.
Your AR Specialist will create a workflow customized to your business and optimized for collections performance and time-saving.
Your specialist will monitor all accounts assigned to them and flag any requiring immediate attention. You can decide how involved you want your specialist to be and even review all interactions between them and the client.
Track & Optimize
FG Receivables Manager software allows you to track progress and optimize your workflow at every step of the way. Your team can collaborate, assign new tasks or monitor daily or weekly reports to see results based on milestones set by you and your AR Specialist.
Amazing customer support is the standard pillar for all Funding Gates solutions. If you have a random question, just shoot your Account Manager an email, or open up your live-chat window inside the software platform. If you are more the “phone” type, simply call your customer-support line and get the answer you are looking for.

Seamless integration with your accounting / ERP package

Track all the activities of your AR Specialist real-time. See all follow-up campaigns, phone call records, and customer interactions right on your dashboard. Assign accounts, leave notes and tell your specialist who you don’t want contacted. Get weekly action reports and know right away how much you’ve collected. Say bye to AR worries.


Why FG

Get all the benefits of an AR expert without the headaches of recruiting or outsourcing

Typical EmploymentOutsourced Services
Time on Onboard2-4 WEEKS2-4 MONTHS1-2 MONTHS
Recruiting Fee$10-40K
Quality Guarantee
Expert, certified staff
Ability to scale up / down
Real-time performance reporting
Customized workflow
Cost of terminationVERY HIGH

1Quality of Our AR Specialists

Only hiring top 10%
Only 10% of the candidates we look at make it to the final round and become certified FG AR Specialists. We screen them for ethical values, technical proficiency, professionalism and great teamwork skills. They are all US based and are certified for successfully completing Funding Gates’ rigorous AR training programs.
Quality controls
All of our AR Specialists’ performances are monitored real-time by our staff. They are trained to be professional with all accounts, with no exceptions. You will be able to see when and how they follow up on invoices, and retrieve their interactions directly from the platform.
Risk-free guarantee
Every time you work with one of our AR Specialists, you will have a trial period to see if things are working out. If you are not fully satisfied, we’ll be happy to get you a new specialist.

2Dynamics within your team

Quick Integration
FG AR Specialists are experienced in working with other in-house teams, accountants and credit managers. Once they review your billing and AR processes, they quickly adapt to integrate and work together with your team.
Transparent communication
Our AR Specialists use FG Receivables Manager ™ for all their follow-up campaigns, which means you can get activity and performance reporting whenever you want, and see all the call, email and response details, real-time, right on your screen.
Scale up or down as you like
You can always get more AR Specialists or scale down your AR Staffing help. We designed the service with your changing needs in mind, which means you can transition an AR Specialist to part-time, or stop using their services just as easily as you started with them. You can use our Specialists to help build a better AR infrastructure within your company, or simply help your existing team for a temporary period of time.

3Impact on Your Bottom-line

Simple, straightforward pricing
As Funding Gates, we save our clients millions of $ every year, and price our services to make sure they are no-brainers. When you work with our AR Specialists, you get simple, flat pricing that only varies if your monthly AR needs change. No hidden fees.
Lower cost of recruiting
Hiring our AR Specialists means that you don’t have to worry about recruiting, payroll, benefits, healthcare, workers comp, or vacation time. We take care of all those details for you, so you can focus on growing your business. But if you still want to hire someone in-house, your AR Specialist helps to make sure your new hire is set up on the software and has access to your latest AR activity.
Uninterrupted, predictable service
Working with our AR Specialist and our software means your data and corporate policies are always available, always up-to-date, which means you don’t have to worry about staying without AR help ever again. With back-up and continuity systems, your FG client success team can make sure your AR service is never interrupted again.

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